Joseph's Truck Driving School

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Courses Offered

Class A  CDL

Class B CDL

200 instructional hours

Introduction to Class A Tractor Trailer License

This part of our course includes training on the following topics: Basic operation of the vehicle,

safety procedures,

emergency procedures,

reviewing the driver log,

highway safety, 

rules and regulations,

cargo safety procedures and

Motor Vehicle CDL test preparation

Vehicle Instruction

  • Equipment knowledge

  • Turning, backing, and shifting

  • Coupling and uncoupling      air and electric lines

  • Straight line backing

  • Alley docking

  • Offset backing

  • Parallel Parking

  • Maintenance of vehicle

Road Instruction

  • Pre-trip inspections

  • Defensive driving

  • City, highway, and country driving

200 instructional hours

Obtaining a Class B CDL license will enable you to operate a straight truck. This type of license would open opportunities for you to get a job driving any truck that does not have a trailer attachment.  The following vehicles are considered straight trucks:

- dump trucks

- box trucks

- delivery trucks